Sea Water Desalination

Sea Water Desalination process is a modern technology widely used for desalinating free salt water

Transferring Fresh Water

Supplying dry and desert area in Iran central plateau region with fresh water is our main purpose

Social responsibility

Preserving water resources and managing water consumption are main keys for saving life and environment

Supplying Fresh Water

Supplying Water for Residential and Industrial Usage are essential needs for every society

CEO Statement


We are all well-informed that accessing to healthy and adequate amount of water for various purposes from residential to industrial and agricultural usage regarding climatical condition in our country, incessant drought, irregular usage, and inappropriate management of water extraction from underground water resources has turned to a critical issue so that the war for water in the-not-too-distant future among countries is foreseeable. By taking into account the country’s precipitation distributed map and industrial and mineral growth and development, it is crystal clear that water has become a crisis in this area. Desalinating and transferring sea water is the most prevalent way of supplying fresh water in the world. To do so, a council constitute of entrepreneurs backed with giant economical holdings located in Yazd province has established Pars Water Co. as a corporate firm aimed to desalinate and transfer fresh water from Oman sea to central part of Iran. It is a part of Pars Water corporation’s responsibility to supply underprivilege region  with fresh water.

For Friendship

Pars Water Co. has decided to develop water sustainability in central plateau of Iran by using state-of-the-art technologies in desalination, purification, and using renewable energies.

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