First and for the most, I hope you all have the great new year. I wish 1403 would be a year full of success, progress, and power for all of Iranian people.
In 1402, we were able to exploit pilot line according to the plan. Further, transferring fresh water to the region and suburb town is in process in Saqai way. We also set order for equipment used in the main phase, which will be finalized by reaching to the final phase of infrastructure completion. After making purchase and delivery of equipment, the installation and set-up process will begin.
In short term time horizon of 1403, setting-up a fresh water production line has been planned that supply the main water demand in the region. Furthermore, we are going to engage big companies and recognized entrepreneurs in Pars Water Co. as stakeholder. The presence of these experienced people and businessmen in the company would enhance our negotiation power against government; so, we would be able to take big steps toward transferring water to Yazd province. The process of transferring and desalinating water would not put into practice but by public willingness.
I hope all of your dreams come true in new year. Wish you a great year.
Happy new year.