?What are the main reasons of establishing Pars Water Co

Pars Water Co. has been founded as a beyond provincial corporation firm with the main aim of desalinating seawater and transferring it to central region of Iran with the final destination of Yazd province.

?What is the firm’s horizons and plans for transferring water

As a private sector, we believe that no project will survive without financial profits. Transferring seawater is a governmental issue due to the marginal problems such as possession and liberation of lands in transferring path. Hence, it is a governmental duty to prepare infrastructures for transferring water while private sectors have the responsibility of desalinating and transferring seawater to consumers through transferring path. In any case, the corporation believe that stepwise transferring procedure would be effective as the executive solution along with preparing infrastructure by government.

?Water transferring is a long-term or short-term project

According to their characteristics and managing their peripheral issues, water transferring projects in the country are considered as long-term projects.

?Who are the stockholder and foundation council of Pars Water Co

Pars Water Co. has been established with the great contribution from some of Yazdi decent entrepreneurs and enjoy support from a couple of giant holdings aiming to supply water demand for drink, industry, and agriculture. Professor Mohammadreza Rezaeinejad (Pishgaman Corporation union), Seyed Mohammad Ehramian (Foolad Yazd Industrial Group), Mohammad Mahdi Fanaei (Elctro Kavir Industrial group), Ahmad Sadeghian (Setare Kavir Group), Haj Alimohammad Aboei Mehrizi (Yaran industrial Group), Professor Valiollah Fatemi Ardakani (Tech West Investment Group) are the most notable individuals who constitute the Pars Water Co. board.

?When has Pars Water Co. been founded

Pars Water Co. has been founded in 2018 as a beyond provincial corporation firm in Yazd province.

?Where is the location of project’s site for desalinating seawater

Desalination process is carrying out in free sea and coast of Chabahar free zone.

?What is the seawater desalination process

One of the most prevalence methods of desalinating seawater used by many countries is the Reverse Osmosis. In this project, the Reverse Osmosis method has been used for desalinating seawater in the project that is in pilot phase.


?.How much is the nominal price per share of Pars Water Co

The nominal price per share of Pars Water Co. is 300,000 IRR as mentioned in the company statue.

?How much is the real-time price per share of the company

Price per share of the company fluctuates according to expert opinion based on project progress and works that have done. Based on company statue, price per share of the company can increased by 10 precent every 6 months. You can check the price per share of the company by visiting webpage.

?Why should I buy the stocks of Pars Water Co

By purchasing the stocks, you can take apart in charity work as well as take advantage of economical benefits in the long-term.

?Can I trade my stocks in the market

The purchased stocks must merely transfer to the third party by the firm and the owner the stocks quit the stockholder position. Shareholders quit will be recorded annually as capital reduction.

?What are the economic benefits of purchasing Pars Water Co. stocks

The price per share of the corporation increases according to the project progress and based on company statue. Furthermore, acquisition profit is announced after firm annual convention and shared or reinvested according to their decisions.

?How much is the corporation recorded capital

Corporation’s recorded capital can be checked by visiting related website.

?How many shares is considered as minimum amount to be a shareholder

You can be a shareholder (non-membered) of Pars Water Co. only by purchasing 100 shares.

?What is the minimum age for being a shareholder

The minimum age for being a shareholder of Pars Water Co.