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Pars Central Plateau Water Transfer Co
Water resources and managing them are turning into a critical problem in our company, which have the potential of leading to widespread social, economic, and security tensions. Therefore, in order to deal with these problems, there have to be a national will to manage and control such tensions under decent policy-making process. By taking this into account, it is crystal clear for economists and economic supervisors that governmental economy is unable to reach the goals of this infrastructure project. Corporation sector plays a profound role in this context. Economical growth, poverty alleviation, generative employment, social integrity, improving entrepreneurship, concentrating minor capitals into mediocre and major capitals is some of the corporation sector’s main goals that have been emphasized in regulations shaping this sector. Pars Water Co. as a production-distribution corporation has been founded in the summer of 2018 with great contribution from entrepreneurs and economical activists to supply residential and industrial sector in central region of Iran with fresh water. The corporation is going to supply some of its energy demand from renewable resources with the aim of preserving environment. Pars Water Co. considered to develop water sustainability in central region of Iran by taking advantage of state-of-the-art technologies in desalination, purification, renewable energies, etc. that is achievable through preserving environment and supplying unprivileged region with fresh water.